Just a Girl With Tattoos Who Loves Books

8 Unique Gifts for Book Lovers!

I’ve got 8 unique gifts for all your book lover friends! Here are some great ideas that they will love and appreciate.

The perfect t-shirt for a unique girl who loves books and butterfly tattoos!

Just A Girl Who Has Tattoos & Loves Books T Shirt

Groot Handmade Bookmark

A unique book lover gift for that Guardians of The Galaxy fan, and that brown and green guy named Groot.

Cabaret In Fishnets Handmade Bookmark

Every girl loves red bottom shoes, buy her a handmade bookmark for that sexy book lover.

Just A Girl Who Loves Books Poster

I love this poster of a beautiful African American woman who has books on her mind!

Book Club Besties — Personalized Aluminum Ornament — Christmas Gift For Book Lovers, Book Club Members

Book Clubs are more popular than ever. I just joined The Silent Book Club, for introverts like me. I am getting my shy fellow book club members this unique personalized book club holiday ornament.

Pride and Prejudice Book Bag, Jane Austen Book Purse

See additonal photos of this beautifully made book lover purse here:


Book Lovers’ Sneakers

Here are colorful sneakers not many book lovers will have in their closet!

Book Lovers’ Sneakers

Introvert Book Club T-Shirt

Introvert book lovers unite! Get this T-shirt only you will see!

Don’t forget to add my book Six Feet Apart: Love in Quarantine to your shopping list. This quirky little gem of a read will make you laugh with its fun and easy style while exploring themes like personal growth and redemption. It’s sexy too! 

The novel features original songs and is available as an ebook, paperback or audiobook version.

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