Elena Greyrock

Some Rings Have Power

What’s in a Name? The Brand!

Elena Greyrock

I was under the influence. Under the brand influence.

Which brand? Tiffany’s. Marketed as a woman’s dream, the Tiffany blue box symbolizes luxury and prestige. A fantasy for those who can afford it or admire its beauty from afar. But is it accessible to the average woman? Like many people, I thought not.

That was until Tiffany’s clever marketing hit me in the face. How? Bring in Beyonce. Few artists have had the cultural impact of Beyonce. She is a trailblazer in the music industry, and her influence extends far beyond her music. Beyonce took one of the oldest jewelry brands in the world, spun it on its head, and made it modern and urgently sought after by a younger generation.

The Tiffany Experience

My Tiffany experience began on Greenwich Avenue in super-affluent Greenwich, Connecticut. I recall shivering in the crisp Fall morning air waiting for Tiffany’s to open. I wore one of my best SHEIN knockoff ensembles, hopelessly wishing I looked like a regular customer. I knew my facade had failed miserably as women sashayed by me in Balenciaga, Salvatore Ferragamo, and other designers I could not pronounce. At 11:03 am, a well-built guard (who resembled a secret service agent) pulled apart the two massive shiny silver doors and let me inside the imposing exclusive shop.

Moments later, I hovered over the glass case waiting to pick up my modest sterling silver Tiffany ring. The ring was from their latest “Tiffany T” collection, which was everything to me. It was being engraved which meant I had to wait two weeks to get it. I had multiple photos of the ring saved onto my phone which I would stare at throughout that time in anticipation of this morning.

The sales associate wore a finely tailored navy-blue blazer. He appeared to be in his early fifties. The man, stammering, explained it was his first day working at Tiffany’s and that I was his very first customer. It was his first “Tiffany experience” as well. He began by letting me examine the ring, which I approved with a silent nod. As he took out the Tiffany blue box, tiny beads of perspiration formed below his hairline. From within my soul, my inner voice cried, “please do not sweat on my blue box!” I watched his hands trembling as he cut the white satin ribbon to the perfect length, and ceremoniously tied it around the little blue box. When the sales associate presented me with the blue Tiffany bag, he smiled in relief that this production was finally over.

Then I was on my way, with a lifted chin, wishing a flip “good afternoon” to the security guard positioned by the exit. He laughed under his breath as I strutted out of the store like I was a new woman. And I was. I had just had “the Tiffany experience”!

Last weekend at a posh Sunday brunch, I noticed a sophisticated young woman wearing the Tiffany T-ring. I exclaimed, “I have the same ring!” She casually looked at her hand and said, “oh yeah, it goes with everything.” I gushed, “Tiffany’s right?” She gave me an eye roll, stroked back her long blonde hair, and proclaimed, “Of course.”

If you are looking for the perfect gift, step inside Tiffany’s. And tell them Beyonce sent you.

Till next time,
~ Elena