New Audiobook! Six Feet Apart: Love in Quarantine

Passion is Contagious

The six feet apart book (available in ebook, audiobook and paperback!) is a provocative meet cute romance fantasy that is fast-paced and surprising. Will Luna and Stryker’s love flourish under quarantine? Who will find redemption? Featuring original songs!

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What Readers are saying

A fun, witty romance novella set during the pandemic and filled with sex, rock, and quarantinis.

Six feet apart: Love in Quarantine” takes place in 2025 NYC, where the pandemic is not only still around, but going strong. There’s all kinds of regulations and tracking which it make it both a fearful and hard-to-meet-someone era. Luna, a gorgeous, single, social media influencer is struggling to find her voice in her high-pressure job and a rhythm for her social life. But then she meets Stryker Caine.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. I honestly had a lot of reservations about reading anything that reminded me about the pandemic, but after reading/listening to this tale, I was glad I did. It was light, fun, and felt like an episode of a reality love match show—-in the best way.

Heather L. Barksdale (5 stars)

Amazon 4 Star Rating
Heather L. Barksdale – Amazon Review

A fun, light romance with good depth

Six Feet Apart is a fast, easy read with a romance between two hot people that burns hot and bright. I really liked Luna and Stryker together, so was glad to be along for the ride of their relationship. While it felt like their romance started out a little too easily, I loved the wenches that were thrown in, and the later exploration of their career developments was fantastic. I loved the depth it gave to them. This really was a fun, light romance with some great characters.

Kelly Schuknecht (4 Stars)

Amazon 4 Star Rating
Kelly Schuknecht – Amazon Review

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Elena Greyrock

Elena Greyrock is the author of “Six Feet Apart: Love in Quarantine“. The six feet apart book is part of The Luna James Series, a provocative satirical love story filled with sizzling heat and humor. Like Elena’s personality, the book is quirky and unexpected. It is filled with original songs written by Arturo Augustus.

Elena Greyrock lives in Manchester, New Hampshire with a family of splendid and prolific plants and her fiance, a technologist. When not consumed by the latest riveting page-turner, Elena is blogging. Check out her blog on here:

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