Let's Hear It For The Ladies and You 2020

“I’m Here For The Ladies And You” 2020 Edition!

Every October for the past 5 years, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there is a Zumba Fundraiser called “I’m Here For The Ladies And You“. Also know as “IHFTLAY“; each year over 40 super talented Zumba Instructors bring the positive energy of Zumba to raise money to help others!

The theme this year was “Tougher Together Edition” and was held on 3 consecutive Sundays in October. Due to COVID-19 restrictions the massive Zumba event was held safely in a open air parking garage donated and hosted by mActivity of Stamford. There also was a huge IHFTLAY Virtual Zumba Event which was a major success and had close to 100 participants!

During these difficult times “I’m Here For The Ladies And You” has stepped up and will continue to have Zumba fundraising events throughout the year for a variety of causes including Building One Community and Move2Empower.

It was a remarkable experience to be among the Zumba Instructors who danced their hearts out in this year’s giant Zumba celebration. Check out all the cool photos and videos for this great cause below:

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