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Stryker is scrolling through his phone looking at the Flikrz posts of the hot girls he used to date. He sees meticulously staged photos of the women in sexy club outfits, or tiny bikinis on the beach, or lounging by the pool drinking margaritas with their girlfriends. Each post includes the hashtag #BTV2020, aka “Before the Virus 2020.”

Frustrated, Stryker lets out a groan and tosses his phone onto the other end of the couch. He misses his one-night hookups with numerous women. He can’t be bothered with dating apps that offer mutual masturbation. Certainly he can save those app fees and do that alone watching porn online.

Life now is all about “exclusive relationships.” If you want any possibility of getting laid, each person has to prove they are virus free and obtain certification papers from the United States federal government. But the virus keeps mutating, making certification papers valid for only two weeks if that.

Bitter, he sits there for a moment, thinking of all the girls his couch endured—Rebecca, Brittany, Michelle, and so many more. He remembers Michelle in particular. She’d made so much noise when he was satisfying her every need that his irate neighbor banged loudly on his wall. Stryker smiles at that memory, then begins rubbing his temples in a circular motion. He thinks, What am I even doing? Those days are gone forever.

Relationships are not Stryker’s thing. He stands up and runs his fingers through his platinum blond hair, catching his reflection in the window, proud he has finally perfected how to dye his hair at home. He knows the color accentuates his magnetic blue eyes. When he was working out in the gym, he always caught lustful glances from numerous women—and loved it!

With his acoustic guitar in hand, he steps out onto the fire escape and plays a melancholy song while looking at the sun setting between the buildings. Then he sees her, on the rooftop of the building across from his. A young Black woman is gyrating her sensuous body to Spanish music blaring from an old-school boombox. Her curvaceous body gives the impression of a dancing silhouette against the pink sky.

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Elena Greyrock is an author of contemporary diverse fiction. Her novella "Six Feet Apart: Love in Quarantine" is part of The Luna James Series. The book is filled with unexpected twists and turns, sizzling heat and humor. It features original songs and interactive websites. For more details about Elena download her Media Kit on